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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Ventures into the new world

Yesterday, we (Robayre, Pejnolan, Al and I) ended up traveling to Schaumburg in search of Dick Blick and it's promised treasures.  What began as a simple drive to get art supplies ended up a six and a half hour venture filled with piles of sweaters, a million awesome art supplies, and visions of interior decoration heaven.  

Our venture began at the Protective Life parking lot, the three of them meeting me at my place of employment.  It was around 2 pm and none of us had eaten, so we headed out to the local Panera.  Delicious sandwiches (with spicy mustard!), bowls of soup, apples and baguettes were had by all - Al and Pejnolan pocketing their extras for later ; ).  Our conversation led us to the winter season, the need for warmth and sweaters.  Pejnolan was wearing a lovely grey sweater jacket from Old Navy.  It wasn't knitted in the standard garter stitch - it was in seed stitch.  

Needless to say, we headed out to Old Navy.  What we found were an abundance of like minded people digging through piles and racks of clearance winter clothing.  Alas, a similar seed stitch sweater was not found, but other good deals were had all around - each of us bought at least one sweater for $6 or less!

We then made our way to Schaumburg and Dick Blick.  The drive took us back down a crazy length of Randall Rd, a long stretch of I90 and through the maddening streets of the Woodfield Mall shopping area.  After 1 turn around, Dick Blick's was at last before us.    

The story of our adventure to be continued...

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