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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Meeting Minutes

So, I was given the "Honor" *cough*sarcasm*cough* of posting minutes from last night's meeting.

Since, this "honor" wasn't given to me, until the end of the meeting, let's just see how much I can recall:

In attendance on Friday, January 11, 2008 Anno Domini, was Pejnolan, Dakokichi, Elle and myself.

Meeting commenced at 7:30ish post meridiem, at the DeKalb Borders.

This is the part I might have trouble with; the whole portion where the talking stuff happened.

So anyway, I think we began by talking about self promotion again:

  • Networking
  • printing promotional postcards with sample work
  • contacting galleries, etc.
  • possible opportunities to present artwork to be added to private collections

Then there was talk about available rental studio spaces in the area:
  • above the Yarn Exchange in DeKalb
  • basement apartments in the downtown area
  • Fantasies about buying our own warehouse or duplex with conjoined garage to fill with studios.
Pejnolan brought some work. She shared with us what she has done since she showed it to us last.

"After doing some more in-depth research into Aboriginal art, I understand that what I am doing may be considered offensive to the indigenous people of Australia. Their art is more than just our western civilizations concept of art.
Art is not merely a "picture" but a living thing which connects past to present, natural to supernatural, and is a sign of knowledge. It is part of their religion and part of who they are as a people. The thing is, that is exactly why it is so dear to me. I respect that it is a spiritual journey of meditation, patience and guidance from a greater being whom I call God.
So, not wishing to offend, but still in admiration of the meditative, symbolic, iconic, and spiritual aspects of the artistic style; I've decided to build my own symbolic imagery stemming from my own geneology, time, place, space, religion, education and culture. Stories that my ancestors have passed down through the generations would be expressed in the paintings. Symbolic animals and plants from my piece of the big blue marble. "

Pejnolan also reflected on the previous year and drew to all of our attention that we have all done very well on last years goals.

Plans were made to venture to Blick to take advantage of their Back to School Sale, on Saturday.

Everyone picked up various art books and magazines to browse.

Meeting adjourned at 10:45 p.m

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