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Saturday, January 5, 2008

First Post

Hello! Welcome to the official Makers Art Group blog. This is our first post, weeee!

Last night we met at Borders for our weekly informal meeting and discussed creating this blog.

Erin brought her finished acrylic piece entitled "Crocodile Dinner" (see left) for constructive criticism as well as a work in progress.

We looked over the latest art magazines, talked about the presidential campaign and made the people around us squirm as we showcased our political "intellect". Case in point, can you imagine (red-neck voice) Howdy, I iz prezidint Huck-uh-bee.

We also discussed Al's possible future website and portrait business and what that would involve as far as contracts with clients, form of payment, etc.

Hope we haven't scared away our audience with our first post. We hope to post minutes from our meetings, announce group events such as field trips, and present photos of our most recent work.

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