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Friday, April 25, 2008

Sketch Tuesday

I'm completely inspired by this video I just saw on youtube. This group has organized an event called Sketch Tuesday in San Fransisco.

"Sketch Tuesday is a monthly live drawing event at (a local) gallery. It takes place a certain tuesday each month. It's where artists come and draw live, or sketch and when the work is done they hang it up and it's available for sale, for very little prices."

Wouldn't this be a wonderful project for The Makers to propose to some of the local galleries? We could promote this to KVAL, NIU and the Kish Art depatments for a call to artists. We could inform the local newspapers and radios and they could spread the word to both artists and buyers. I just think it would be a great addition to DeKalb. I have a vision of local artists bringing minimal supplies, and the tables and chairs are provided by the gallery or a group. Afterward the artists just tack up the artwork like in the video and people from the community are able to purchase affordable artwork. In my mind the gallery would hopefully do it in an interest to get people into, and become familiar with the gallery, not as a direct money making venture. People could be encouraged to bring appetizers and even wine, etc. so that buyers and the artsists could snack and shmooze. The pieces would need to be made that evening. In the video it sounds like it is an invite only group. I'm not opposed to the group being open to all artists, depending on how big it got.

I'm excited. We'll talk more about it tonight.

-robyn (

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Miles said...

What a great idea...Sketch Tuesday in DeKalb. I am confident there are a number of local artists who would be excited to participate.

It is important to give local papers ample notice so that they can help promote and publicize the event.

PS. are you aware of Kish's Art Blog?

New as of Spring, and probably inactive for Summers.